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Company of company incognito fluoroscopy gives a name the importance in market s
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Shakespeare has a famous remark: The rose takes what name no matter, smelling is sweet. This word may not is actually correct. Just think, if the rose changed another names, you smell the likelihood cannot catch up with the scent that so the Na Zhimei in your memory rares forever. This shows, a good name can change the person's perception greatly really, bring powerful sales promotion result to the enterprise. However the process that the company gives a name is not the meaning that be like a person, contemporary very much well-known company ever had encountered incognito course.
In reality, the choice of the brand name with good any is not easy to do, was to experience relapse instead answer plan, choice, relative result. And also not be accidental since the sparrow of any brand, it is from do not have have, arrive as a child big, the wisdom that relies on collective and actual strength are achieved come out.
Well-known " boss " the owner of brand -- Hangzhou employer group, do not have boss brand at the beginning. The predecessor of employer group is factory of hardware of red star of Yu Hang county, ever had used at the outset " red star " brand, also made the ad of many red star products, the quality of machine of lampblack of red star card is very good, do not see good gains namely. Pass exploration of a few years later, they found a reason: "Red star " brand is too much make the person lost new move. They decide to register a trademark afresh, this is later " old edition " brand. Thereafter, the miracle appeared, since registering boss trademark, developed a series of " boss " brand product, economic benefits is annual it is with breaking up speed develops, got make " boss " the effect that person expect is less than.
The brand strategy of employer group is, have good brand first, have good advertisement conduct propaganda next. They think brand is the enterprise is medium " the first world " , means: Brand is the investment of intangible assets, had good brand to have good bigger conduct propaganda even, famous degree taller, aeriform capital value is greater, if be a common brand, a large number of going to that publicize, likelihood get half the result with twice the effort.
In order to produce " the look is unripe " of brand refrigerator Wen Ming, the one home town that is town of dissolve of north of city of Guangdong province suitable heart presses down an enterprise. At the beginning of was being founded 1983, the name is factory of freezer of suitable heart Pearl River, 1985 more the name is factory of Pearl River freezer. 1993 the beginning of the year, of this company new put into production " division dragon " card air conditioning implement put in the market while, the factory reorganizations again for the joint stock company, enterprise more the name is Inc. of electric equipment of Guangdong division dragon. "Division dragon " namely the meaning of the dragon of science and technology. After many setbacks, "Division dragon " start the scope of operation that gave oneself eventually.
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