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Shop names take an examination the element of Lv
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1, the information of structure of the five elements accord with inn boss

The time information that a person is born, be called in folk " birthday character 8 " . According to the universe holographic principle, the growing haul of a person has the law, this rule suffers the effect of structure of character 8 the five elements, the information of the five elements of lot put in order of inn name and merchant supplements each other, can adjust the luck of merchant.

2, outstanding individual character

Want to make oneself shop does not fall " anonymous person " in convention, be about to be in novel do not make great efforts on common, include inn name fascia design is made.

3, accord with oneself to manage a characteristic

Inn name can reflect a management distinguishing feature, be like " inn of big bright spectacles "

4, simple palpability

Inn name cannot be done too complexly, if some shops like to use word of hard to tackle to name, make the client cannot be known not only, and management what is also knowing far from.

5, in several manage information

The several manage information of inn name is objective existence, have particular revulsive feeling stress, the total squares formed by crossed lines of the name counts manage information cannot too fierce.

6, accord with NIS to name regulation

Of the name accumulate figure of meaning correct path, vision is bright and nice, sound pleasing to the ear and resonant.