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Company skill gives a name
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Business the name is activity of a kind of business, because this is business,the name should follow commercial principle, according to oneself commerce project, commodity, consumption the case such as the object gives a name. Adjust measures to local conditions, because of commodity different, this is business the main characteristic of the name.

One, the renown date of catchpenny business

In actual life, the shop shop sign that has height to generalize force and strong appeal (shop name) , perverse to the vision of consumer stimulate and psychological influence is very important.

Stand or fall is gotten since the name of the shop, whether can cause consumer curiosity and whether the key store brand start shooting. Inn of a few old names, use name of elegance, of primitive simplicity, exquisite more, if hall of Lu Mingchun, colleague, day is mixed,hall, Rong Baozhai, Quan Jude is waited a moment. These inn names, became enrol a vainglorious title that keeps the business.

The shop gives a name should consider from the following respects:

1, inn name must taste photograph be identical with the distributor
The shop gives a name method, can reflect the management distinguishing feature of operator normally, or report advocate the good quality of battalion shop, make consumer identifies store scope of operations easily, produce desire to buy to look. Be the same as benevolence hall, Derentang for instance, the drugstore in serving as old name already was widely known, hall the identifying that already became established by usage as the Chinese pharmacy indicates, people sees reason only colleague hall fascia or fascia of other what hall, knowing sell Chinese traditional medicine. Be like name of inn of forest of merits and virtues again, reflect operator kind long cook is Lenten.

2, inn name must novel, do not fall convention, the visual store that can hold customer quickly gives a name must novel, can arouse the interest of consumer, attract their patronage shop, consistent mouth delicacy, big 3 yuan, the dog pays no attention to name of shop of and so on, make consumer produces interest and curiosity.

3, inn name should concise had better, write down easily legibly
Inn name cannot rise too complexly, can cause negative effect otherwise. For instance some shops like to use word of hard to tackle to be inn name, make the client cannot be known not only, and also do not read piece sound come, to avoid to appear this is planted circumstance, it is the shop gate of the name that does not know hard into this kind commonly. And come like 10 thousand guests, the inn name such as flavour of half minutes of benefit, heal up, clear and concise, travel easily.

4, inn name should be mixed with aesthetic feeling to the person artistic accomplishment
Good inn name, literate details, make consumer feels be at ease satisfied. If the building outside the building, Tao Tao resides and so on,give a name.

The shop gives a name, its method basically has the following kinds:
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