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The principle that meal inn gives a name and method
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The first, no matter meal inn has what inn name (should accord with " company name registers management to set " ) express with the Chinese character. With be being written down legibly, easily, read aloud go up pronunciation is bright able to read aloud fluently is advisable, make the client hears inn name to be able to listen so that understand not to produce different meanings to be to allow. Be like " inn of burgeoning roast duck " , after listening be very easily by understanding " promote promote roast duck store " or " inn of star roast duck " . Have again " 100 million wine shop " listen very easily into " Bai Baimo wine shop " .

To the word when inn gives a name number shoulds not be overmuch, otherwise the client is in it is difficult to numerate and remember a respect to be able to generate doubt, the result is inevitable and bad. For instance " shop of food of the daily life of a family of roast duck of building of Fu Lanyong blessing " , sound and cry not read smoothly, and write down hard. Time grows not only impression is not deep, what weakened oneself instead is famous degree.

The 2nd, name having store uses word strokes of a Chinese character not easy and overmuch, or pronunciation is rare. Such meetings increase needless trouble to average customer, resemble " wineshop " , " gradually shop of food of the daily life of a family " . Answer with the word when giving a name to cafeteria that is to say concise use normal simplified Chinese character.

The 3rd, meal inn gives a name avoid by all means is too Philistine. Some names not only sound call a person so not comfortable, and also lack culture culture, even some inn name can let a client produce misunderstanding. Be like " eating to visit restaurant " , " sincere dumpling inn " " cannot eat to moving round to take dining room " reach " inn of chicken of bandit of power tiger hill " etc, to those inn names that cannot produce favorable result, should not grant as far as possible reinstate.

The 4th, give a name to meal inn must name solid conform to, do not want an original dimensions the meal store with not great general class, give a name edifice of the restaurant that it is XX, XX. Returned some storefront to expend idea when give a name, always think as promiscuous as famous brand cafeteria, use name of the inn since the gimmick that graft one twig on another and sound differ with the word, be like " Tan beautiful dish " with Tan Jia dish, "Get together completely roast duck inn " with inn of Quan Jude roast duck, "Roast duck of big candy pear " , " encyclopedia pear roast duck " wait with roast duck of big a kind of pear grown in Hebei Province. Want to prevent to produce tort suspicion.

The 5th, be sure to keep in mind to notice the provision that abstains from about law to meal inn name. Political consciousness affects bad inn name to be able to make the client produces misunderstanding since, be like " Dong Yang restaurant " , " city of chaffy dish of the Republic of China " , " big Japan dining-room " these inn names can cause undesirable effect to the society, should ban with.
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