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The importance of name of enterprise, brand
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Company company remembers a good name, drag in basically has to the problem: The individual character of the name, uniqueness, ride comfort, up quality; Of folk-custom of the main development direction of the property that returns the place of company of birthday character 8 that drag in represents to legal entity to belong to an industry, enterprise, country differentiate, the name is mathematical choose

Auspicious is waited a moment, have an annals of character of heart of a character, implied meaning finally the far-reaching, good name that keeps the deep impression, figure that can deepen enterprise oneself to the masses. Nowadays, our a few enterprises pay attention to product quality very in developing new product process, but name to the product appear however take seriously not quite,

In order to cause the product with a few excellent character, it is good in the absense of name only, thereby in the market hard start shooting. The author thinks, it is really important to stress good product quality, but take a good name to the product also cannot small inspect. Good quality adds good name, next complementary with quick sale step, with respect to

The product that is not afraid of oneself cannot open market. However, the product that wants to be oneself is taken understand a Yi Ting, easily, the good name that remembers easily is not easy thing, must have wide intellectual range besides requirement operator besides, and go in the market deep even, "Have a thorough grasp " the market, and him basis

The be fond of of the characteristic of the product and consumer, ground of have a definite object in view tries to name, so the good name of the product can show itself, product sale also can open greatly along with the name.

The form that name of * enterprise, brand represents must be good, such ability are pleasing.

Image of name of * enterprise, brand must individualize again, distinctive, such ability make a person impressive, be remembered easily thereby and travel, bring the propagandist result of get twice the result with half the effort.

The meaning of name of * enterprise, brand must be lucky, accord with folk-custom culture, say specificly even if want and legal entity is represented or conform to of birthday character 8 is mixed, with legal entity the be fond of of industry the five elements in delegate or boss birthday character 8 suits, and cannot collide.

The number that full name of * enterprise, brand weighs manages, must be represented with legal entity or photograph of manage of number of full name character is unripe, cannot overcome.

The property photograph be identical that the name of * enterprise, brand must belong to with its industry place, give a name than firm of head of consistent home appliance, cannot remove to resemble colleague hall absolutely the name of such medical enterprise.

Name of * enterprise, brand must be easy able to read aloud fluently, saying to arrange the mouth, listening pleasing to the ear.
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