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The key that the company names reachs a note
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Well-known, the name of company business and company product has immediate effect to the choose and buy of consumer. So each business operator, without the name of enterprise of one exceptional elaborate design, the action since the place in realising it is competing deeply.
Have the company name that generalizes force and strong appeal highly, to popular the vision is stimulated and each respect such as psychology can produce an effect. A design is unique, write down easily legibly, the company name of rich art and figure sex, can hold popular vision quickly, cause its strong interest and rich imagination, the leaves profundity impression that can make.
So, a good company name, do the consideration key when name and note have those again respectively?
When be company business, product denomination, the word sound that the key except of the consideration is in, meaning, form, Orphean write down easily besides, weigh function of the wanted industry characteristic that should consider enterprise, product more, product most, blend in Chinese character principle (swing, word justice, glyph) , CI principle, too extremely principle, aesthetic principle, geographical and humanitarian, structure of district culture, age and pay attention to the internationalization that give a name and originality sex, locate appropriately finally, integration analysis, accumulate make a having a unique style, identify easily, travel easily, benefit gets good name at business development, with culture details, start world famous brand. Of course, the several manage in Zhouyi tradition culture are clever all things everythings on earth that the gender has name, title to everything all has his revulsive with allusive force. Accordingly, the good or ill luck that enterprise or product still should consult when give a name 81 number manage is relatively reliable.
When giving a name for the company especially, name of company name public praise (firm) several manage want auspicious. Manage of number of company company floorboard also wants lucky, word justice is close friends. Its count manage the five elements to answer with chief (legal person is represented) photograph of the five elements of lot put in order is unripe aid, the photograph of the five elements of lot put in order of the five elements of name of company of avoid by all means and controller strong, gram.
When naming for the enterprise, need to notice to consider following matter respectively:
1. Communicate business concept adequately, reflect spirit of enterprise
2. Pay attention to individuation adequately
3. Reflect industry feature adequately
4. Prominent people feature, patriotic cherish one's fellow citizen
5. Pursuit is concise and lively
6. Reflect artistic quality adequately
7. Pursue word idea, pronunciation is lucky, healthy, write down easily, benefit at transmission
8. Manage of pursuit stroke number is lucky, and with be identical of photograph of industry the five elements
9. Pursuit word construction is reasonable
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