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The company changes a good name good progress
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As environmental change, to a few enterprises more the name is necessary. But, enterprise more renown must discreet, because more renown to maintaining the stability of company image it is adverse. Enterprise more the name is belonged to strategical decision-making, must be in integrated the ability after all sorts of elements consider cautiously undertakes.

Enterprise more the biggest reason of the name is an enterprise business establishment is lacked in original title. And if company name Central Plains will have firm, more the reason of the name is this firm not resonant. Of company name change, although be exterior form, but the substantial content that also reflecting it on particular significance, make of the enterprise famous degree expand, enlarge product sale then.

Enterprise more the opportunity of the name also is very important. When the company changes via battalion happening or enterprise sex changes character, it is an enterprise commonly more the inning of the name, when from state-operated for instance the company transforms a joint stock company. If the enterprise already had very long history, also can consider to enable old firm, the " that has 130 years of histories than if plant of Shanghai soda water is new already,be being enabled wide with " firm.

Southern now industry appears more the name is hot. Also be a signal that development of Chinese extroversion business produces qualitative change. That is to say, this is to cast off the Chinese district confine in developing initial stage to name or other neglect, culture with international business practice and other country to be used to the need of the butt joint. Exporting what commodity faces is the consumer below new culture setting, how to avoid to read what the name causes to buy psychogenic disorder by accident, in global economic integration today, it is the big question that business operator also cannot drop light already heart again. At the beginning of doing poineering work, the policymaker is in name the optional sex that go up and preference, in close often look not to come out below the condition, when once the company grows to want,facing global market, saw at that time of culture eye shot narrow, understanding a name is the deep-seated problem of company culture.

By go up knowable, enterprise, product denomination is a big science. A lot of countries have now name professional company, the member of incorporate includes linguist, write article talent, layout talent, imagination particularly rich " wizard " is waited a moment. The United States Niemulaibai company only the thing gives a name, come out already 20 one's remaining years, quite influential, often remove a name to collect fees be as high as 100 thousand dollar, this specification gives a name is the thinking activity of an individual creativity.