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Give a floor dish giving a name is a knowledge
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Chinese all through the ages takes a name seriously, the name also has in China multilayer meaning, it can be a kind of appellation, code name, also can refer in particular to honorary, fame or honor and so on. In today's estate market, if the name of the project and character produce an impact, "Renown " on the imply that rises possibly to famous brand, became a kind to flaunt thereby, a kind of disposition, one kind is shown off, had the additional value to a project.

In intense today market competition, it seems that everybody is known " renown " fierce. Regard the case of estate as the name, the head bowl beautiful dish that is banquet of sale of development business project more, regard the identity of the project as calling card, although aeriform without body, but very Oh, with the person that a thousand pieces of gold seeks a name, there are plenty of such people. Develop business not less, the project is done blocked up, the first thing lets project change name namely, beg in order to seek to live on set, often effective. A good project name has become Shenyang estate to develop a piece of value in business hand not to poor " famous brand " .

To the suggestion that the product locates

Good case name must contain is right product viewpoint of value or the suggestion of product culture orientaton, accomplish case name and product unifinication. Wait to basically can accomplish this like city of 5 lis of Shenyang money center, rivers, Gelinhaosen. But also have copy edition or deduce edition, have the ill will of blind imitation with ludicrous effection rather, itself of go to school of get better thing does not have what Ke Houfei, but the fixed position that does not know oneself and product value are oriented, who is knowing a client, with respect to accept sth uncritically, or make copy painstakingly, make the name of and so on of × × edifice popular at the world, cannot show project individual character, more short of expects the result. Good project case name, listen to look, know where to be, can deliver the suggestion of attribute of pair of a sector of an area or disposition of a sector of an area. Bay of city of Oriental couple of · of 10 thousand constant, tower is for instance new city, medium street north center. If because section is bad, obscuring a sector of an area of purpose is a respect, but if a sector of an area is nice, case name should show trait of a sector of an area.

To community dimensions accurate communicate

The product on the market is at present medium, average big project is commonly used suffixal be like " city " , " town " , " center " , " square " etc, and subentry is used " cabinet " , " a small room " , " edifice " , " center " etc as suffixal. If case name and project scope asymmetry, can cause the allergy of misunderstanding and client, harmful to project sale without benefit. But at the same time " garden " the name is used extensively, unavoidable lack individual character, also blurred to the bounds of dimensions a lot of.
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