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Say how to give a name to shop
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The renown date that the person that be in business is willing to remove a bright able to read aloud fluently, photographic, lucky happy event to enrage to shop. Have no exception thoughout the history, case good name, reputation is far sow, celebrated a thousand li. The business is thriving, good luck, fund is wide into.
Store opens Zhang Dou to be willing to go to his buying and selling remove already resonant lucky still can let a person remember firm name, this is constant manage of the person. Some cite the classics or look for a person to give a name everywhere, was born then a few give a name company, be engaged in technically removing the assignment of the name to person or shop, did not think this also became a profession. Like writing a letter from home, do accounts just like acting person, to a few people that like nit-pick on words by bought an interest.
Some shop, like in the gate two side stick a couplet:
Unripe enthusiasm grand tells the whole country
Prosperous Da Sanjiang
Such broadness the brave words of the world of big, bosom, spoke get rich of how many dream to become rich the person's aspirations ah. If match a canorous name number again, that business can be about billow of flourishing, exchequer, day receives a bottle of gold.
Observe and study, the origin of shop name has 4 kinds of cases about:
One kind is superior gives a name. The various head that is like archaic emperor chancellery, nowadays people bestow the renown date of inscribe. The inn-keeper that receives this kind of renown order generally does not have Shang Rongxing, because can borrow ranking authority to make the trade, it is brushstroke particularly practical good the intangible assets that uses with the canal. How many person most welcome.
2 kinds are name of place name, famous places and historical sites, exotic name, serial number add business objective to close together to name. Be like Laobian chaffy dish of dumpling house, Chongqing, on the west hospital of store of noodle shop of beef of nightclub of grain shop of cabinet of fort wineshop, lord, Paris, California, the 100th goods, the 3rd people.
3 kinds are a basis lucky language gives a name. Like happy and prosperous, lucky, joy adding up to the home, congratulation get rich, healthy, flexibly restful, flourishing, victory, flourishing, bumper harvest, satisfactory, green, young, beauty, can part them with, if flourish agency of shop, lucky credit, feed miscellaneous inn, restful insurance company to wait flexibly; Still can take single word mutual reset or resemble on collocation again 10 thousand, always, long, 9, strong, constant, long etc achieve long-term the effectiveness of hard fact, if silk tree sings hall, flourishing oneself hair is small sell store, always promote feed wineshop of miscellaneous wholesale department, Banding to wait. Concise and Orphean, one can give client easy heart sense, one can incentive with him hope shop front deal does better more, exchequer billow and come.
4 kinds are to try to be unique, the inn name of accident giving a person. Often can circulate through the ages, last long. Like Tianjin " the dog is paid no attention to " full child, beijing " Quan Jude " roast duck, all be well-known in the world old name, the whole nation opened a lot of branches, a lot of epicure are attracted one full the luck to eat sth delicious.
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