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The set up shop on the net makes money opportunely net inn gives a name have tri
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To wanting to be in on the net for the friend of poineering set up shop more very much, inn giving a network removes a good name to appear particularly important. So how to give a name to net inn? Does inn giving a network give a name what ought to notice?

1) is concise and common

Inn name must concise palpability, straightaway and read rise should resonant fluent, able to read aloud fluently of the sound of reading aloud, if fascia uses a word rare, read rise col mouth, it is the person that browse not easily to memorize.

2) having a unique style

Net inn has two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two, with the word of extraordinary, make oneself small shop is in renown child go up to show a kind special, body reveals a kind of independent grade and style, draw the attention of the person that browse.

3) and oneself management commodity is relevant

Inn name should accord with the commodity that he manages with the word, should choose to let a person from the name child the name of the scope of operations that sees you child, if renown child have nothing to do with commodity, bring about the allergy of the person that browse probably, also do not conclude naturally handed in.

4) uses a word lucky

With a few accord with the printed or written words with Chinese beautiful careful, your inn name should let a person have a kind of aesthetic feeling it seems that, do not want a sword to go slant sharp edge, for absorbing and the attention is used a few Yin Hui low common, provoking the name of allergy child, such result can be just the opposite to what one wished.

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