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China gives a name 100 laws
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Person name gives a name piece

Indicative history refracts the times
A particular year gives a name law / 2
Chun Xiaqiu winter is full of poetic flavour
Season gives a name law / 4
Different month is different meaning
Month gives a name law / 6
Birth day does not have interest
Date gives a name law / 8
Give a name respectively orderly early or late
Time gives a name law / 10
Because the ground gives a name,can be found everywhere
Place name gives a name law / 12
Did not see its person associates its form
The feature gives a name law / 16
Individual character has distinctly not at the person
Disposition gives a name law / 19
Thing of have the aid of places original idea
Dark contain gives a name law / 22
Speech is identical expressional character annals
Homophonic gives a name law / 25
Fold sound give a name kind and touching
The Chinese character gives a name law / 30
Sound is clear justice profound change ripely
Full name cent is lawful / 33
Father surnames a mother to surname mutual union
Assorted surname law / 36
Newly-married during fine push be apt to to calculate
Computative give a name law / 38
Implicative and vivid afford for thought
The analogy gives a name law / 44
Cite logion implied meaning is rich
Logion gives a name law / 44
Condense maxim concise and pithy
Maxim gives a name law / 48
Place a hope to put flying ideal
Ideal has a way / 52
Hope children will have a bright future normal human feelings
Expectation gives a name law / 55
Disease of disappear calamity dispel is healthy and macrobian
Analogy shows macrobiotics / 57