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China gives a name practical encyclopedia
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Name and the first China culture

Full name of the 1st chapter is the one part of Chinese traditional culture
● traditional culture and nation are concomitant
● full name is the " cosset of traditional culture "
● " Lv Dai Chunqiu " talk about " renown "
● pipe talks " renown "
● Xun Zi talks " renown "
● Xun Zi to incognito directive opinion
● " history remember · Confucius old and well-known family " by " renown "
● father mentions " name but renown, special name "
● Buddhist takes a name seriously more
● name loves medium magical effect in Tan Lian
The might of ● name
Of ● name fierce
● beat sb at his own game, win an emperor with the name opportunely

The history of trun ill luck into good of good name of the 2nd chapter is witnessed
Yang Xuan of minister of government of ● the Song Dynasty is protected, good name wins come good destiny
Because ● Egypt president has good name and trun ill luck into good
Does ● bullet grow is there an eye?
Because the name is auspicious and " of company of ● " Wo Erwo is ceaseless expand
The " on ● langouste late banquet walks along the " Wo Erwo that " comes down "
● contain education is Yuzheng name, incognito in
The good name that emperor of ● Chinese face gives, still having effect up to now

The ancients of the 3rd chapter is incognito anecdote
● faces the " Le Lele that takes an examination of incognito flourish to ascend head of a list of names posted up "
● often knows a lot, the name changes litre of 3 course
● is defended know a lot incognito do not have a portion into the official
● Xia Bushi changed a name to enjoy great good fortune
● the name is incognito embedded machine runs
Below what circumstance does ● company, shop, individual want incognito?
● the name should know " life from personnel of course of study holographic law "
● captures geomantic adviser of Lin Du- - Chinese summer gentleman
21 centuries of ● are the Chinese's century.
● Chinese is a dragon. Chinese character of the 4th chapter and the Eight Diagrams
● searchs a root to admit ancestor
The " that ● the Eight Diagrams is the universe 8 big "
The rehearse of ● the Eight Diagrams is research atomic alignment
Is ● the Eight Diagrams the universe actually? Quot; software "
The relation of ● Chinese character and the Eight Diagrams
The mystery of ● Chinese character and abstruse
The powerful vitality of ● Chinese character
● Chinese character is the character with input the fastest computer
The crocodile with atrocious ● is afraid of a Chinese character
● word says auspicious Jie temple
● had " cherish word in the past the organization of meeting "
● uses word, cherish word, respect a word to arrive mythological Chinese character
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