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The company gives a name brand designs practical brochure
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Name bring a word
Good company name is taken never-failing gold mine
Good company name is brushstroke spirit fortune and culture fortune.
The first enterprise names strategy
Business of the first order names is a science and art
The 6 old thinking that the first enterprise names and 6 big features
● 6 big features
(one) legible Yi Nian
(2) Yi Ting is written down easily
(3) be perfectly justifiable
(4) try to be unique
(5) beautiful of phonic justice all
(6) the function is all ready
● 6 old thinking
(one) borrower name and place name
(2) use literary quotation
(3) indicate characteristic
(4) clever cater to
(5) use a number
(6) the choice names angle
7 regulation that the 2nd enterprise names
● loves another person
● different in approach but equally satisfactory in result
● does not have different meanings
Consciousness of ● whole world
● message is good
● kisses close to person
● be good law
11 kinds of methods that the 3rd enterprise names
● special word names a law
● auspicious language names a law
● receives conjunction name standard
● full name combines a magic art
● elegant word names a law
● common saying names a law
● homophonic names a law
● is boastful name a law
● mark names a law
● brand names a law
● begs ocean to name a law
The way that the 4th enterprise names and skill
One, oneself start work name
● is reasonable and lawful
● accords with business concept
● manages a project clearly
● serves a target certainly
● pitch on names a basis
● accomplishs a bosom friend to tell the other, prevent accident
2, major names company, expert to name
● major names a company to want working technological process
● enterprise names need to keep form data
3, domestic and international famous name company orgnaization brief introduction
● home famous orgnaization
● international is famous name an orgnaization

Business of the 2nd order names example - 25

Design of strategy of brand of company of the 3rd order and choice
The way that ● company brand changes
Strategy of ● company brand is designed
Strategy of ● brand name chooses

Enterprise of internationalization of the 4th chapter names
All sorts of methods of ● internationalization enterprise
Of enterprise of ● China and foreign countries and brand turn interpret

The burgeoning industry that the 5th chapter rises abruptly- - website domain name names
● website names
● Chinese domain name is registered
The concerned knowledge that ● website name registers
Business of the 6th order names exemple word exemple the name

The 2nd brand names

Strategy of brand of brand of the first chapter
The generation of the first brand
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