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The mystery of good name: Younger sister ferociouses fan
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Content abstract
Laic have surname and name surely. The full name is commissarial symbol, for the angle from broad sense information theory, all sorts of symbols have its immanent meaning, contain the substance that it represents. The person's full name besides the delegate this individual, still reach its disposition, healthy state with the life of this individual even life is concerned.
Sage Confucius Ceng Yan of China: “ name is frame-up a word is not suitable ” , advocate “ to the utmost renown ” . Scholar of the five elements of classics yin and yang is like the advocate of the person such as Han Ru Dong Zhongshu after, to compose originallies by the class when the Eastern Han Dynasty the concentration on Chinese history clarifies of the manage of yin and yang and human affairs " white Hu Tongyi " . After that of home of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of Tang Songming of all previous classics carry forward, make traditional culture philosophy of China more contented, this also provided the basis of the reason that explains a full name and source for us.
This book is united in wedlock namely appearing a few malpractice give a name in current society, the development that elaborated a full name centrally evolves into the history, the ancients gives a name to reach 5 case according to the five elements of yin and yang of abide, manage of the Eight Diagrams. Be those who prevent pure and academic type is as dry as a chip, this book cited in narrate a large number of fresh, case that have Shikecha, the key resolved a worry it how modern removes about “ is good how modern removes about “ a problem of ” . In addition, consult for personage of convenient business circles, this book still penetratings only the relevant knowledge that one chapter discussed an enterprise to give a name. Whole book do one's best is understood straightawayly, simply, the reader that makes differ group can examine the content that needs to oneself from which.
A large number of facts prove, a good name can give a person with energy, to the person with self-confidence, guide a person to move toward another success successfully from, good name accompanies person lifetime, can make person benefit bandit shallow. " the secret of good name: Since good name lucky " will surely remove a good name to offer for you consult benignantly and draw lessons from.
The editor is recommended
The beginning of successful life of good name —— ; The cornucopia of money of company of good name —— ; See a book be like simple name backside, perhaps contain is worn the disaster mystery of lucky blessing. Good name is the cornucopia of company money, be belief of grade of explicit image of individual or one company, life, culture and future luck is indicative. This book tells you how to use the means such as The Book of Changes, the Eight Diagrams, several manage. Wait for company, enterprise, shop, child child give a name, incognito method, and name of net of E times “ of ” give a name method. Spoke look be like give a name simply the mystery of backside place contain. The name is an indicative symbol not just, in its backside, also alluding profound implied meaning, already literate the comparison of viewpoint of value, also have the pursuit of ideal and aspiration, belief of grade of individual or indicative still one company's explicit figure, life, culture and future luck. Accordingly, the name with remove good is crucial to company, enterprise and individual.
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