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The design learns person name
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Content abstract
This book is to engineer what change of Great Master Zhang Shu founds to give a name plan and person name are designed learn theory, the viewpoint is novel and original, originality is infinite, complied with new trend, have very bright times feature.
This book introduced Zhang Shu to hold the post of newest person name to design theory and person name to design case in detail, among them monomial name case 20, 3 words name case 33, 4 words name case 13, twin case 4, english case 6, name of stage name, pseudonym, pet name, combination case 10, case reachs fast number name 18 times culture and full name parse person name etc.
This is an excellent work that the design learns name of a person. Our country all through the ages has “ to weigh the tradition of a ” , the name is the first piece of calling card of everybody, have information to be able to manage those who reach a character is brand-new concept. Read this book, you can consult person name is designed learn theory, remove a photograph to accompany lifetime good name for oneself.
Author brief introduction
Zhang Shu holds the post of, chinese name learns expert of father, brand administration, culture economist, easy way management founds a person theoretically, institute of Chinese easy way (Hong Kong) executive dean, director of center of brand of Asian economy federation, asia-Pacific city develops seminar deputy secretary-general, chinese productivity learns to engineer committee member of expert of committee of experts. Visiting professor of college of Beijing University, Tsinghua, chinese country learns " easy way manages " instructor, celebrity a small room engineers orgnaization president.
Zhang Shu holds the post of, young Cheng Tingxun, perfectness Confucianism, commentate, the Chinese traditional culture such as path, buddhist, The Book of Changes, established 1992 ” of “ celebrity a small room, use our extraordinary design with “ , the miraculous ” that creates you to succeed is a tenet, with “ name but renown drive name honour date, path Ke Daowang curtilage blessing ground ” is management catchword, meaning consider to engineer a design in “ , transmit sale culture, found successful brand, win gain both honor and money ” . Put forward “ to easily in the world first? ? 5 change 5 art ” engineers a system. Be good at company, product, individual, brand naming, sale of originality of design of brand plan, environment plan, curtilage plan, landscape, culture, culture, know to produce the advisory service such as management, business management, and 5 change 5 art are technical specialty. Its achievement is defended to inspect by Zhejiang, " successful " , " the enterprise studies " , " business circles sale " wait for report of special subject of much home media, write have best seller " name a plan " , " gain both honor and money " , " good home flourishing curtilage " , " Yi Daoying is sold " wait for more than 10 composing. 2000 year are judged to be countrywide brand expert, 2001 year are judged to be 10 big organizers of countrywide, 2003 year win gold prize of brand of international sale part, obtained countrywide brand forum 2005 the first.
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