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Give a name enjoy a life of comfort
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Everybody, everything has a name that belongs to him himself, the name resembles the shadow that is a person, the stand or fall of this shadow will affect the stand or fall of whole thing directly, be just like very closely associated with each other. The contact that surnames master humanness and thing is denotative, the effect of bridge of a pillar is having in life, the ancients cloud: “Grant child a thousand pieces of gold, be inferior to godchild one art; Godchild one art, be inferior to granting child beautiful name. ”
The full name learns deep to result from our country ancient time is a lot of philosophical thought of the wise man, it is the quintessence of a country of our country, already had phylogeny of thousands of years, relevant book also is numberless as the sand. But the full name of great majority learns a book is have the aid of in a philosophical sect in the Wei and Jin dynasties all sorts of forecast art enigmaticly, abandoned the full name learns originally the primary source of Chinese character surname and name, do not go stressing the mainest Chinese character composition, mutual between the meaning of the influence, also no matter you are what word, just count strokes over, want strokes to count only to going up date, no matter what word is a meaning, be being done is enigmatic, fantastic, let everybody be terrified by the sight of sth or sb, unless have relevant professional knowledge, enter its gate very hard otherwise, know its like that.
The essence that comes all the year round according to the author grinds, think the full name is OK simple, clear, direct change, the full name is comprise by Chinese Chinese character, the name is sound, the word is form and justice, form divide again to write model and handwritten model, sound the first selection that is a name, the language is phonic language above all, final ability development is become will record with the character. From individual will tell, the person is in social collective, what accept above all also is phonic language, final ability literacy reads. Because person name uses appellation person above all, people hears the speech of name of a kind of person, with respect to the identical speech of the significant speech in natural meeting and speech connection rises, remember this kind of speech should be the sense that which word and it should convey naturally also. Person name is a kind of fixed speech symbol above all, the character uses as only record, such, will record same person name to generate different literal form mark with different written language.
This book ties Chinese character theory, emphasize the Chinese character full name with the the directest, most fundamental analysis to learn, not superstitious, see what tells; Not be deliberately mystifying, need not major learns knowledge easily, want to know a Chinese character only, learn through this book can learn and knowing a full name, the society has a name.
Author brief introduction
Ji Qingjie, word time cloud, date follows a day, name learned man; Was born in Jilin in March 1979 4 smooth, all cities of ancestral home Shandong. The way that from a child loves Buddha buddhist, life learns manage good luck, easily, the mysterious and traditional culture such as art of fortuning-telling by analysing a Chinese character, tall division is encountered to give directions after, all grinds more than 10 years. Combine practice, do not have the viewpoint ” that Chinese full name learns without the Chinese character with “ , formed particular full name to learn new theory. Set only edition column, advisory house and full name learn a website, the full name learns relevant composing more than 10.
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