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From the full name several manage say darling gives a name
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Darling gives a name very crucial, very important also, can saying darling gives a name even is the major issue that affects lifetime, we count manage respect to say simply from the full name below:

The destiny of person of full name influence is main manage according to the number that is a full name, next assist the word of word sound glyph with the name justice. Tell from several manage: 1 to 10 it is 10 natural numbers, although be counted by what it comprises Protean, but its mantissa cannot leave from beginning to end 0 to these 10 9 numbers, these 10 numbers and for 55, learning those who call big develop easily to go up, on book of river graph the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces these 10 number represent different position and the five elements of yin and yang severally again, because this number is the expressive means of cosmic rule and natural rule. Look from the character: The character of our country takes the place of in ancient times on traceable, the earliest character is pictographic, its take as one's model at nature, resemble word-formation according to content and become. If ⊙ represents the sun, represent water, represent wood. Visible pictographic the spirit that has life is angry, when the character uses the person's full name the character had life news of the person, because the character has fixed strokes number, with the character so close together and relevant full name formed the particular concern that figure reason, this kind of relation that figure reason still is to pass the five elements of yin and yang to reach its to be born exercise restraint change those who will convey. At the same time the character has sound, look, justice, sound have aural feeling, form have visual perception, justice have thinking feeling. So a good name not only cultured and free from vulgarity, bright able to read aloud fluently, ju Yue ear is pleasant, phonic form justice all beautiful, can express the finer concern that figure reason, improve function to be being mixed to strong adjustment since the person's destiny, coordinate life destiny thereby. How do the key talks about a full name to figure reason below affect life destiny.

The person's full name is implicit stated several reason concern, it is alluding heaven and earth to be conducted to the person's information. The day belongs to this world, the ground belongs to shade, heaven and earth reachs extreme, yin and yang and close, this is the manage that everythings on earth of all things between heaven and earth thes Creator, and the person's full name also is divided for the day, , person 3 ability, have configuration of the five elements of yin and yang likewise. The surname is parental place to grant, ancestral run in the family, it is for the day greatly one, reason adds the last name brushstroke is counted for weather pattern. Weather pattern cannot be changed, do not have too big impact to life, but contrast character regulation has or so person to succeed the right, can measure the impact between individual and one parents and leader more how.
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