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Darling gives a name how gift is nice
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How to give a name for darling is gift nice?

Surname is a priori to secure and changeless, and the name is what will change the day after tomorrow. The word of the full name justice representing its endowment can, and the word delimits number is representing its carry force, and full name the travel of 5 gas: Wood, fire, earth, gold, water, concerning the honour or disgrace of life and success or failure, and the travel of 5 gas, much rarer move makes person lifetime moves toward auspicious or ominous carry sign, and be not pure in order to name when after discharging character 8, be like the person that owe wood, criterion with " wood " come of the name, underfire person, criterion with " fire comes of the name single way names.

Good full name, the first should cooperate birthday character 8 (4 column) the travel that owes, the 2nd should cooperate an any of the twelve animals, the 3rd should cooperate a word to delimit of several clever, the 4th should cooperate good or ill luck of yin and yang. In addition, the configuration that cooperates the five elements of sound of word justice, word, 3 ability to wait even, all and perfect, just go up for the name of beautiful.

The be born character 8 of a person is congenital preexistence cause and effect, it is immutable, but why the person that of the same age is the same as day to be the same as character 8 together at the same time with the month, the destiny of lifetime still has great difference, often listen to older generation allude " marry some (wife) before, parturient hind " the hub that is a destiny, some big hair send change lifetime especially, some suffering a crushing defeat, one fall does not rise, because no matter Ou Feng's influence has many,this is in in the society of nowadays deep, new student name still consult the ancient codes and records that the full name learns. Lane of erst heretofore book is only several manage (the pen is counted) the full name that is a basis learns, never the interactive relation between attend to child and parents, more did not think of those who reach inheritance of ancient emperor sage to come down " the any of the twelve animals learns " , the mouth of the person that often listen to parenting complains: " we also are to spend money to go for of human life name, appeared pen number is to go up case, why the child often can fall ill, the gentleman's career is not arranged again, oneself body also scalp " , really alleged " cure person parental heart " , that knows to meet wrong, if want to say wrong really, should be inheritance come down " art " not attain perfect, is not harbour intentions cause trouble.

The positive result that the importance that the baby gives a name learns to consider according to latter-day full name shows, the value of the full name stand or fall of a person is very great, its degree arrives to make a few dilettante public figures even greatly temporarily between be hard to accept. But there is no lack of among them be brave in to try strange thing person, they are incognito true savor of consequence of half an year benefit, experience increases many successful laws to pile up to the effort that takes a good name to be able to let his really, and when encountering difficulty, also can maintain overcome difficult and necessary good state of mind.
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