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Rat year darling gives a name brief analyse
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Rat darling from the any of the twelve animals the respect is told is 12 any of the twelve animalses head child rat

12 belong to, match 12 time with 12 kinds of animals and form. These 12 kinds of animals chase photograph cycle, turn to 2008, it is rat year, the darling that was about to be born 2008 people, namely rat darling.

Rat belongs to the first place in 12 any of the twelve animalses, with the attach in 12 n " child " , child the month is in November, pluvial snow flies violently, rat of bug formic snake enters winter sleep period completely, it is the hour that yin and yang hands over right now, shade will pass and this world will come. Direction is northward, belong to bank palace. In noon, the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am points to midnight 11 Shi Zhiling morning temporarily, say again " when rat " , it is last hour of a day, also be new beginning of a day.

Rat year unripe darling, for Tian Guixing, disposition is very clever and bright, everything appropriate is intentional heart, this person is ideal quite tall, benefit desire heart is very strong, quite successful, and have saving money, lifetime is much happier, your nevertheless heavenly body is too much, the person that prevent bully too very, place can manage to say like the life when arriving: "" of descendants of 4 expensive grams, mix with the person more harmonious, to good weather for the crops of middleaged carry arrival, all place seek to one's liking, reach successful state to senile all things, get a wealth and rank right now.

Rat darling removes analyse of v/arc a person's status

One, the choice that figure reason:
1, escape fierce number.
2, the character 8 of the person that eduction names, find out the five elements to be fond of avoid, when naming, should fill slant be short of.

2, word sound choice:
1, the initial consonant that avoids surname and name, simple or compound vowel is identical, be like " Wang Wenwei " , "Bag wave state " .
2, the word sound that avoids a full name and indelicate term homophonic. Wait for a name like Li Sai, Han Yuan, epic, Du Zida, see word justice very cultured, but you are read easily in spoken language dead, call bad luck, cadaver, abdomen to wait greatly.
3, the four tones of classical Chinese phonetics that avoids a full name is identical, be like Liu Jingxuan, it is 3 completely, zhang Xiangshuang, it is completely, read rise not read smoothly.

3, word justice choice:
1, do not use too the word of common, be like Li Er, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad smooth child.
2, do not take too foreign the name that change, be like Ma benefit, henry, john.
3, do not use too unfamiliar word, week Ju.
Glyph choice: 1, strokes is unfavorable and too much. 2, the radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries of the name, character components should avoid identical, be like river billows, tong Xinxiu.

4, notice a word model fat, thin, long, short, strong, weak, empty, solid.
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